Angel Lopez

A modern touch



One of the first innovations we introduced was the presence of a truss rod in the neck. This is common for a steel-string folk guitar, less so for classical guitars.

We see it as more of a guarantee for the neck’s stability.

Experience has taught us that not all musicians are so careful with their guitars. The guitar is rarely stored in the right conditions and so can be subject to variations in temperature and humidity, which both have a strong influence on the wood and in particular, the neck.

The presence of a truss rod makes it possible to lessen these effects and if necessary, adjust the curve of the neck to maintain perfect playability.

For the entire Angel Lopez range we have opted for a PU (Polyurethane) finish.

This varnish has the advantage of being durable, does not yellow over time, does not crack, and better protects the wood from variations in temperature and humidity.

In addition to the usual glossy finish, we have also added a satin finish which has proven to become more popular over the years, even among traditional classical players.



Fretting is a crucial point in the construction of a guitar.

This requires great precision and regularity so that the instrument best meets playing requirements.

In order to improve playability, we have chosen frets with rounded ends, which makes movement on the neck much more comfortable.

Across the entire Angel Lopez range we favour Savarez strings, a French manufacturer and market leader in classical strings.



For the electronics, we have chosen yet another market leader, FISHMAN.

Depending on the range, two models are available.

This preamp is coupled to an under saddle pickup.

This high-performance system delivers faithful and brilliant sound.

It has the advantage of being ultra compact, and easy to use via the volume and tone controls located at the level of the rosette.

This active preamp is coupled with an under saddle pickup.

The 201 system also includes a phase and volume knob, a control for treble and bass, to optimize the setting.

In addition it is equipped with an integrated tuner.